Golden Rabbit Standings

Golden Rabbit
18th May1st June20th July31st Aug7th Sept
1Nick Duffin18181854
2Keith Grimshaw9151539
3Chris Speak25732
4John Charman92029
4Norman Booth25429
6Jonathan Naylor151227
7Shaun Diamond12526
8John Kirkwood121022
9Michael Clegg412521
10David Raper2020
10Gerry Gorman2020
12Darren Stega-Jones6915
13Graham Thornton5813
13Charles Cooper7613
15Graham Dyson1010
15Ian Gregory1010
17Raymond Speak279
18Peter Searle88
18Brian Cooper88
20John Neil Clay66
21Mark Denham33

Buck Rabbit Final Standings

PositionNameMedal MayVice Capt DayRabbits Prize DayTotal
11th May8th June3rd Aug
1Norman Booth15252060
2John Kirkwood1841840
3Graham Thornton9101534
4Darren Stega-Jones52530
5Nick Duffin20929
6Gerry Gorman2525
7Michael Clegg81523
8Peter Searle18422
9David Raper731020
9Charles Cooper2020
11Gareth Rees1212
11John Charman1212
11Graham Dyson6612
11Jonathan Naylor1212
15Kevin Crowley1010
16Raymond Speak279
16Tom Coulter99
18Mark Denham88
18Jim McSharry88
20Ian Gregory77
21Shaun Diamond66
22Keith Grimshaw55
23Kris Charman11

Chinchilla Final Standings

4th May15th June6th July28th Sept29th Oct
1John Kirkwood32528
1Kevin Crowley25328
3Michael Clegg52025
4Jim McSharry2020
5Norman Booth91019
6Shaun Diamond1818
6Keith Grimshaw1818
8David Raper15217
9Gary Bowmer8715
9Nick Duffin1515
11Graham Thornton12113
12Darren Stega-Jones1212
13Gerry Gorman1010
14Peter Seery99
15Raymond Speak88
16Gareth Rees77
17John Charman66
17Kris Charman66
19Jonathan Naylor55
20Chris Speak44
20Charles Cooper44
22Peter Searle22
23Ian Gregory11

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