Rabbits Knockout Competition

Rabbits Knockout 2018
Round 1 (03/06/2018)Round 2 (08/07/2018)Third Round (05/08/2018)Semi Final (02/09/2018)Final
Michael Clegg
John Neil ClayJohn Neil Clay
Tony MorrisTony Morris
Gerard FennellyTony Morris
John KirkwoodJohn Kirkwood
Christopher HoldenJohn Kirkwood
Scott HamiltonScott Hamilton
Gareth ReesTony Morris
Craig McMinnMark Ellat
Jim Mc SharryJim Mc Sharry
Mark EllattMark Ellat
Kris CharmanMark Ellat
Ray SpeakGerry Gorman
Russell TiffanyRussell Tiffany
Gerry GormanGerry GormanWINNER
John EastwoodMark Ellat
Shane Kelly
Brian CooperShane Kelly
Jonathan NaylorBrian Cooper
Steve CochraneIan Gregory
Ian GregoryBrian Cooper
Chris SpeakShane Kelly
Graham ThorntonGraham Thornton
Shane KellyShane Kelly
John CharmanShane Kelly
Lee Gray
Lee Gray
Andy Leonard
Lee Gray
Norman Booth
Peter Searle
Norman Booth

Golden Rabbit Final Standings

19th May16th June7th July1st Sept6th Oct
1Brian Cooper20101220567
2Chris Holden5-25151055
3Shane Kelly6-1825-49
4Craig McMinn-20-92049
5Jonathan Naylor9154-1846
6Graham Thornton891510-42
7John Kirkwood12129-942
8Norman Booth1576-836
9Steve Cochrane76512-30
10Peter Searle-8361229
11Chris Speak4---2529
12John Eastwood (Rabbit VC)--208-28
13Tony Morris25----25
14Jim McSharry-25---25
15Lee Gray3--18425
16Russell Tiffany18----18
17Gerald Fennelly-18---18
18Kris Charman10---717
19Raymond Speak--10-616
20Ian Gregory----1515
21Gerry Gorman--8--8
22Michael Clegg--7--7
23John Charman---7-7
24Scott Hamilton-5--5
25M Ellat---5-5

Buck Rabbit Final

Sunday 23rd September 2018

Congratulations to Gareth Rees on winning this year's Buck Rabbit Final with a Nett Score of 71, beating Gerard Fennelly into 2nd place with 72, who in turn beat Craig McMinn also on 72 on countback.

Full Results as follows:

1Gareth Rees93 - 22 = 71
2Gerard Fennelly89 - 17 = 72
3Craig McMinn87 - 15 = 72
4Jonathan Naylor92 - 18 = 74
5Kris Charman95 - 21 = 74
6John Kirkwood92 - 18 = 74
7Lee Gray95 - 20 = 75
8John Eastwood98 - 21 = 77
9Shane Kelly95 - 14 = 81
10Christopher Holden96 - 14 = 82
11Norman Booth117 - 29 = 88

Buck Rabbit Final Standings

PositionNameMedal MayVice Capt DayRabbits Prize DayTotal
12th May9th June4th Aug
1Shane Kelly1515636
2Craig McMinn255535
3Gerard Fennelly625233
3Scott Hamilton8-2533
5John Eastwood (Rabbit VC)1812-30
6John Kirkwood1210729
7Kris Charman-20828
8Jonathan Naylor918-27
9Gareth Rees203-23
10Chris Holden-71522
11Lee Gray-21820
12Norman Booth--2020
13John Clay109-19
14Graham Thornton-81018
15Peter Searle4-913
16Ian Gregory7--7
16Michael Clegg-617
18Brian Cooper5--5
18Raymond Speak1135
20Jim McSharry-4-4
20Steve Cochrane--44
22John Charman3--3
23Chris Speak2--2

Chinchilla Final Standings

5th May2nd June14th July29th Sept20th Oct
1Russell Tiffany1092025468
2John Eastwood (Rabbit VC)2202512766
3Chris Holden925932066
4Shane Kelly257182-52
5Kris Charman12-12101852
6Lee Gray-156181251
6John Kirkwood681015847
8John Clay181156343
9Peter Searle363-2537
9Gareth Rees-4-201034
11Brian Cooper8122-931
12Jonathan Naylor205---25
12Tony Morris1510---25
14Michael Clegg-18-4-22
15Scott Hamilton4-89-21
15Norman Booth5--7618
17John Charman1-1-1517
18Chris Speak72---9
18Graham Thornton-35--8
20Gerry Gorman---8-8
21Raymond Speak--7-18
22Jim McSharry---156
23Ian Gregory---5-5
24Gerald Fennelly--4--4
25M Ellat----22

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