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Hi All

This blog is intended to give you a lighthearted VC’s view of the Captains Drive in.
The day started with the usual rainfall, 5.2 mm to be precise, having previously had 2.2mm plus 4.5 mm on top of a further 1.8mm but thankfully the rain didn’t last and on arrival we were met with clearing skies but a force 10 Gale courtesy of Storm Kathleen.

Mr Captain was his usual chirpy self, now having bought me a posh percolated coffee the day before I felt obliged to buy Mr Captain a bacon butty and a not so posh filter coffee, luckily for me I had emptied my pound coin jar to fund my new found lavish VC lifestyle.

The 9.30 shotgun start soon came around, the Club Professional sounded the 12 bore klaxon and we were off, well some of you were, the VCs team were on hole 1a, and we had to wait our turn so I was left to ponder on shotgun starts why did they ban shotguns, was someone shot?

My Team partner was the Rabbits Vice Captain “elect but not yet ratified” with 20 shots and my 15 shots I thought we had a chance of glory but that soon evaporated after hole 1a. As we played the course our playing partners were putting together a decent score until we managed to bring them down to our level and we eventually won our match with an excellent score of 29, surely, we must be up there?

Into the clubhouse, it was standing room only, idle chit chat broken by the sounds of the Past it Captain selling raffle tickets. Everyone sat with their preferred tipple, with windswept faces but all with a seemingly glow of happiness and satisfaction.
It was soon time for the Grand finale the drive in, was it an omen, the rain had stopped, and blue skies appeared, Mr Captain duly popped open the Champagne, the cork narrowly missing the cheering crowd who had by now been reluctantly forced outside to watch the Official shenanigans.

Are we ready? the waiting crowd shouted now getting cold and impatient, if we didn’t get going, things could get nasty!
Following the no expense spared photography session, we were finally ready to go, Storm Kathleen had played havoc with our hair especially the Lady Captains, who quickly despatched her Personal Assistant to go get her woolly hat.

First up obviously Mr Captain cool as ever, declaring his ball to be a Pinnacle Pro V1, (rules of the game still stand) boom and away up near the green. Phew! Cheers from the crowd but I’m sure some would have preferred a duff!

The Rabbits Captain steps up no fuss, ball down, whoosh and a thud as ball and divot fly majestically through the air, landing a splendid 6 yards past the tee!

The Lady Captain but still with no club or a golf ball, so her PA was duly sent away hurrying back with the said items. Boom and away, narrowly missing the bridge but safely over the dreaded pond. Another phew!

Next up Rabbits Vice Captain “elect but not yet ratified” ball down whoosh no messing, Kathleen winds pushing the ball way over the trees to the right but safe.

My turn, now some might think hitting a ball off the first tee is easy enough but when its ceremonial it’s a different matter, I had no tee, I had changed my golf socks, what if pond, bunker oh no I’ve no coins left! I step up using a tuft of grass as my tee, an old ball just in case the pond eats it, boom no worries just short of the green, phew!

Last but not least, the Junior Captain, fresh out of winter hibernation, his teeth chattering with the cold and following a swift drink of his blackcurrant champagne it was ball down, no whoosh no thud, a perfect shot, ball up on the green, a perfect finish to the ceremonies.

Well done everyone.

Back in the clubhouse it was presentation time, Mr Captain thanked the usual suspects that is compulsory in golf club speeches and then announced the winners, I wait with bated breath 29 must be up there and the winners with 39 points, how, what wait why? Kathleen and all that. A very good score and worthy winners. Well done.
Mr Captain duly handed out the winning prizes of A4 computer paper with some typo voucher price that suggests the Club shop will allow you some money off future purchases.

The winners of the car park raffle and guess the yardage (193 yards) were announced, another well done to the winners and thank you for those that donated.
The Captains and Lady Captains charities were then declared, Macmillan and the Heart Foundation being the chosen charities, two wonderful causes and I’m sure we will all remember to pay up when we land in the pond (Captains) or 1st bunker (Lady Captains).

Best wishes to Craig, Jeannie, Ian and Oliver in their year as Captains and to Steve in his year as Rabbits Vice Captain.

Thanks for reading!
Tony (Mr Vice)

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