Greens Update (contd.)

December 2019

Dear members,

Just two issues to share in this communication. 

Work on the 15th Tee:
The Greenkeeping staff are undertaking work to level the teeing ground. You may remember this tee was re turfed in 2017. This was not as successful as we would have liked, in part due to the drought conditions prevalent at the time. The grass struggled to establish effectively and a new approach to providing a better surface was required. The existing two tier structure will be changed into a single, flat tee. This will be achieved through taking some soil from the top section and adding it to the lower; the end result being a level surface at a height between the two.
The benefits include the creation of a larger effective teeing area, by removing the slope between the two current levels. A broader range of tee positions will allow for better management of wear and tear on the tee, providing a better quality tee for all.

Roped Off Areas:
You will have noticed that low level ropes, secured by green wooden stakes have been deployed around the course. Simply put, this is meant to direct golfing traffic away from less durable areas. Currently, where these ropes and stakes interfere with a shot, players are lifting the stakes, thereby laying the ropes on the ground. However, not all of us remember to replace them. This results in golfers walking into areas deemed in need of protection. The solution proposed is to leave the stakes and ropes in place and to drop away from them, so that the next shot is not impeded. By adhering to this revision you will be minimising damage in these wet conditions and helping all involved produce a better quality course for our enjoyment. 

Many thanks,
Les Carman
Chair of Greens Committee.

Greens Update

December 2019

Dear fellow members,

Welcome to my first Greens monthly update. The purpose is and going forward will be a simple one; to minimise surprises and to generally inform members of what's planned on their golf course.

The last couple of days in November brought with them a decent frost; sadly this has meant we have had to revert to temporary greens. Many of these are in new positions and I'm sure will result in plaudits and criticism alike. I believe the overall effect of the changes to be a positive one and I trust this will be the majority view of members. Our Club website and the Club V1 Members Hub app. will continue to provide daily course condition and stipulation (eg personal mats in use) information. On the mats note, we have required the use of personal mats on fairways and on par threes for just about three weeks now. The only exceptions of course, where tee markers indicate that permanent mats on par threes are in play. Feedback from Robert to date is that this seems to being adhered to in the vast majority of circumstances. Please ensure you have a suitable mat prior to play. The pro shop has some for sale if you don't have one.

Vandals have damaged the cable in the pond on the seventh hole. Repair work will require that the pond is drained. To minimise damage to the ground around the pond, this work is best undertaken when there is snow cover and this is plan A. However, should there be no snow in the short term, Robert and the team will begin repairs in the coming weeks.

During December the Greenkeeping team will continue with a range of aeration work, including but not limited to tining and the use of the Graden verticutter. The precise timing of these will depend, as ever, on ground conditions. All such work is essential to help us maintain high quality playing surfaces in Spring , Summer and Autumn.

Finally, on behalf of the Greens Committee, may I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year.

Les Carman
Chair of Greens.

Fairway Mats in use

Winter fairway protection policy in force.Any ball which lies on grass cut to fairway height MUST be played from a fairway mat.

Use of Mats on teeing grounds

During this winter we are trialling using your own mats to tee off on all par 3’s. Rather than using the big mats which can be slippy in certain winter conditions and are detrimental to the grass under it. 

The teeing grounds will still be on the grass; however, we would ask you to play off your fairway mat, when teeing off. 

This situation will be continually reviewed to assess the wear on the tee’s and should it be deem successful, it is hoped that we can continue this practice throughout the winter.

For more information please contact

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With the following restrictions: Fairway Mats, Temporary green on the 2nd hole.
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