Out of Bounds (Rule 27)
a) Beyond all boundary walls and fences.
b) The area of the practice putting green and surrounds, to the left of the path and below the out of bounds line.
c) The car park and all lawns and flower beds adjacent to the clubhouse and first tee, except the planter at the rear of the first tee.
d) An out of bounds line extends from the car park and continues along the length of the 17th hole.

Water Hazards (Rule 26)

The pond and the bridge on the 1st hole, the pond and ditch on the 7th hole and the pond, ditch and bridges on the 16th hole are deemed water hazards as defined by yellow stakes or lines.

Stones in Bunkers (Rule 24)
Stones in bunkers are deemed movable obstructions. 

Paths (Rule 24-2b)

Established paths are deemed immovable obstructions. Such paths, which may be defined by a hard edge or line, are those that consist of a gravel/stone/other surface, on a solid base. A ball coming to rest on gravel, which has spread from a path must be played as it lies.

Trees (Rule 24-2b)
a) Young trees are defined by yellow paint/tag on the trunk of the tree.
b) Stakes or guide ropes supporting trees are defined as immovable obstructions
c) If such a tree or obstruction interferes with the players stance or the area of his intended swing the ball must be lifted, without penalty and dropped as defined within the rules.

Flower Beds (Rule 25)
Flowerbeds, other than those mentioned in the Out of Bounds Rule, (eg Back of 1st tee, 3rd green, 4th, 5th and 9th tees), are deemed Ground under Repair; the edges of the flowerbeds indicate the extent of the Ground under Repair.

Practicing on the Course
Members are not permitted to practice on any part of the course other than the Practice Area, the Practice Net and the Practice Putting Green, unless as part of a lesson with the Club Professionals.
Members are not allowed to play practice shots onto the 16th fairway when a competition is being played on the course. If a competition is not being played the maximum number of clearly marked practice balls that may be played on to the 16th fairway by any one member is 20. Only one member at a time is allowed to drive balls onto the 16th fairway.

Fixed Sprinkler Heads (Rule 24-2)
Sprinkler heads are deemed immovable obstructions.

No Play Zone

Updated - Monday 29th March 2021

No Play Zone (Holes 9, 10, 13 and 14)


A No Play Zone has been in place since 22nd June 2019; namely to the left of Hole 14, incorporating an Area directly behind the brick shelter adjacent to the Back Tee for the 10th Hole and also including the Area behind Hole 13 and the Left Area of Hole 9. The definition of “No Play Zone” states that this is “part of the course where the Committee wishes to prohibit play for any reason” – in this specific case to protect Wildlife and Animal habitats, ie badgers. The No Play Zone remains in place.


This Area is deemed an Abnormal Course Condition and is defined by a creosote line and green posts and complete relief MUST be taken. Under no circumstances must a player enter the No Play Zone to retrieve or look for a lost ball.


A Local Rule has been introduced as follows:


“The Area defined by Green Posts and a creosote line, namely to the Left of Hole 14, incorporating an Area directly behind the Brick Shelter adjacent to the Back Tee for the 10th Hole and also including the area to the Rear of Hole 13 and Left Area of Hole 9, is a No Play Zone that is to be treated as an Abnormal Course Condition. Free relief must be taken from interference by the No Play Zone under Rule 16.1b/16.1f. The ball MUST NOT be played as it lies within the No Play Zone. Standing in the No Play Zone to play a ball is also prohibited.”



Dropping Zones on Hole 13


The fence which has been erected round the 13th green, with gates to enter and exit the green, is deemed an Immovable Obstruction in its entirety, (including the gates), and relief MUST be taken by using the nearest Dropping Zone. There are 5 Dropping Zones in total; 2 at the front, 1 to the left, 1 to the right and 1 at the back of the green. If your stance or intended swing path is impeded by any part of the fence (which includes the gates), you must proceed to the NEAREST Dropping Zone and play from there without penalty. All 5 dropping zones are situated within the perimeter of the fence.

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