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Club Insurance Policy – Liability Cover

There has been some confusion recently regarding what the Club insurance policy actually covers in respect of Liability Cover so the Council felt that we ought to make the position clear.

The Club’s Insurance Policy only indemnifies the Club, not the individual Member, and only provides cover where the Club is legally liable. A mis-hit golf ball is the responsibility of the individual, not the Club, and so there is no cover in place under the Club’s Policy for damage to vehicles or injury. Similarly, any vehicle damaged by any other means whilst in the car park is not insured by the Club.

This has been the case for many years, and indeed there has been a sign on the wall above the Pro shop, facing the car park, saying that vehicles are left in the car park at the owner’s risk, however, it was felt that more notices should be posted. As a result, additional notices have been placed on the outer wall of the car park, in addition to a notice on the wall as you approach the slope leading to the first tee.

All public and private car parks exclude liability for damage to vehicles whilst they are parked there so this is not something peculiar to WEGC.

Under our affiliation with England Golf, however, they do provide some liability cover for the individual members, so, should the need arise members causing injury/damage can direct any claim against them to England Golf.

Full details of the cover provided can be found at: or by typing “England Golf Insurance ” into the browser.

All of us need to take responsibility for our own actions, not just on a golf course, and it is always advisable, if not essential, that all golfers should take out their own personal Insurance which does provide cover for a range of benefits including injury/damage they cause by mis-hitting a golf ball, as well as lots of other benefits, i.e. loss or damage to golf clubs, personal injury cover if you are injured whilst at a golf club, loss of subscriptions due to injury occurring on a golf course which prevents them from being able to play for long periods etc. etc.

The England Golf policy can also be extended to provide cover, in addition to Liability, for as little as £19.04 per annum, however, there are many other policies available offering different levels of cover to suit individual requirements.

We would remind Members that if any ball is mis-hit either out of bounds and into the car park, you must shout “FORE” on every occasion and report the incident to the Pro shop immediately after completing your round. The need to shout “FORE” also applies to any ball hit on to the incorrect fairway/green or when the ball may be in danger of hitting another player
Historically, claims made for damage to vehicles in the car park, have been paid by the Club, not under the Insurance Policy, however, we have been advised by our Insurers that this practice must cease.

D A Turton
On Behalf of Council

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