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Tuesday 28th July 2020
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I have recently been made aware that there seems to have been some confusion regarding my last update in which I explained about how we would handle potential Subscriptions refunds as a result of the Club having to close due to Covid 19.

I have issued two updates on this matter regarding subscriptions.

The first of these, issued on the 23rd March, explained how the Club would be seriously impacted if Subscriptions were not paid as a result of Members being unsure as to when they would be able to play golf again and therefore withholding payment.

We then reconsidered our stance, and as a result, the second update was sent out on the 25th March to explain, that although a significant number of Members had renewed their subscription, there were a number who remained undecided about re-joining the Club for financial reasons.

We are a Members only Club and rely on subscription income to keep the Club viable. As I have repeatedly said though, Subscriptions alone do not cover the costs of running the Club, which is the major reason we have diversified into up-keeping other Golf courses, Bowling greens etc. Without this income, we could not afford to maintain the Club in the way we currently do.

We are all very aware that golf club memberships are not cheap and represent a major financial commitment for all Members and therefore as an incentive for Members to renew their subscriptions for 2020-2021 the Club were prepared to commit to offering a discount off the 2021-2022 subscriptions for a period the Club would be closed, up to a maximum of three months.

As this was an incentive to renew Members Subscriptions, I need to clarify that this was only effective from the 1st April, the date the new subscriptions came in to force and applied only to those who were Members as at the 31st March 2020.

We believe that we are the only Golf Club in the area that has committed to help our Members, and to put into perspective this represents a potential major cost for us. If all Members choose to claim the rebate then this would cost the Club around £27,000.

This would obviously have a major impact on our business for 2021-2022.

I apologise if my previous note dated the 25th March, was seen to suggest that we would cover the whole cost of not being able to play golf from when we closed in March of the prior financial year, but this was certainly not the intention. It was purely to incentivise Members to support the Club by renewing their subscriptions.

I hope that I have now clarified our position and once again I would like to thank you all for renewing your subscriptions.

Derek Turton
Club Chairman

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