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As you will all be aware from the recent moorland fires, the current weather conditions are giving cause for concern regarding outbreaks of fire.

We are aware that some Clubs in the area have already issued notices to members banning smoking on the course.

Whilst we fully understand the reasoning behind such action, we do feel at the present time, that this may be premature for ourselves at West End even though the course is as dry as we have ever known.
We would, however, ask all members and visitors to ensure that if they do smoke on the course that they completely extinguish any cigarettes, cigars etc. once they are finished, and that they are discarded responsibly, eliminating any risk of causing a fire.
We would also ask any member to be vigilant, and ask, if they see other people on the course disregarding this request, that they speak to them reminding them of the possible consequences of their actions.

If the dry conditions continue then it may be necessary for us to reconsider a smoking ban on the course and surrounding areas but we hope this will not be necessary if everyone adheres to the process outlined above.
Thank you for your support

Derek Turton

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18.07.2018 14:29
The course status remains open. Please check tee availability via the Club Calendar.
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  • Smoking whilst playing.
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