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May 2018
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The month of May was thankfully totally opposite to April in that the weather was perfect for golf and allowed us to complete our internal and external events and matches.

The Boxing Day Bowl was played at the third attempt on Sunday 20th May with 55 members competing; the day was a success all round and the results of the day were as follows:-

Winer of the Boxing Day Bowl:
Nathan Arrowsuch 39 points

Men’s Prizes
1st Keith Hill 39 points
2nd Gerald Smith 37 points
3rd Wayne Massey 35 points

Ladies Prizes
1st Mandy Holden 35 points
2nd Zoe Hartley 35 points

The month was very busy with external team matches in the Halifax, Huddersfield Rabbits Golf Association and the Yorkshire Rabbits, the results being as follows:-

League Matches

1st May Dewsbury at West End –
S.Diamond & J.Eastwood won 2 & 1
J. Crawley & S. Kelly won 5 & 4
Overall Result 5 points

8th May Dewsbury Away -
G.Thornton & T. Morris lost 3 & 2
K. Crawley & L.Gray won 1 up
Overall Result 2 points

15th May Todmorden Away
K. Crawley & L.Gray lost 3 & 2
C.McMinn & J.Eastwood lost 3 & 2
Overall result 0 points

23rd May Todmorden Home
K. Crawley & L.Gray won 3 & 2
C.McMinn & J.Eastwood won 3 & 2
Overall Result 5 points

R. T. Morley.
8 Players from each of the 22 Clubs in the Association spread over 4 sections. Two players in each of the 4 sections, 1 in preliminary round and 1 through to 1st round as chosen by competition co-ordinater.

Section A: Graham Thornton & John N Clay.
Section B: Russell Tiffany & John Charman
Section C: Barry Ingham & Gerald Smith
Section D: John Eastwood & Shane Kelly

Of the above we have John Charman & Shane Kelly still in the competition.
Mellor Trophy

Foursomes played off scratch, 4 players from each club (2 x high handicap - 20 & above, 2 x low 16 -19), split into 2 sections.

Section A: Craig McMinn & John Eastwood
Section B: John (Kris) Charman & Shaun Diamond.
Kris & Shaun lost in their preliminary round.
Craig & John are through to the second round.

Presidents Day (Jubilee Trophy) - President Alan Harper
Players on the Day:-
Tom Coulter(17) - 26pts
David Raper(26) - 22pts
Craig McMinn(17) - 33pts
John Eastwood(24) - 20pts

Unfortunately we were not among the prizes this year.

Yorkshire Rabbits Golf Association Competitions.Fowler Trophy.

This is a foursomes competition, played off scratch with 2 teams from each club, High man 21 & above, Low man 16 to 20 in each team.

Section A: Brian Cooper & John Eastwood - Lost at Willow Valley
Section B: Craig McMinn & Jim McSharry (reserve John Eastwood) through to 2nd round at Crookhill Park, Doncaster.

We do not have any major Rabbits competitions during June, but I would encourage you to support the Rabbits Friendlies - the booking sheet is posted on the Rabbits Notice Board.

As always, good health and enjoy your golf!

Graham Gower
(Rabbits’ Captain)

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